Clash of Geeks

This is the place where Data Scientists come to “Work Out”, to release endorphins and share it with other Data Lovers.


Decision Science Competency Determination. Quick assessment of Data Science Talent for employees or prospects.


Automate your processes with help of open source solution at a fraction of cost and time. Take advantage of international best practices and localize.

Consulting Support

Build algorithms. Interrogate Data. Short term or Long Term. Onsite or Offshore.

Data Science Training

Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Levels. Tools & Techniques. Domain Training for Data Scientists.

Machine Learning and Spark COE

Support for migrating to scalable machine learning environment for analytics. Model migration. Capability building.

CoG (Clash of Geeks) = Coursera+Kaggle

Ever wondered what would happen if benefits of Coursera and Kaggle were to be combined and customized for your business. Well the wait is over. At MathLogic, we have been looking for ways to accelerate learning and now proudly present “Clash of the Geeks”.

It is a place where learning is gamified. It combines the self instruction mode of Coursera with competitive elements from Kaggle. Best of all, the topic can be customized for your business domain/ problem.

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Machine Learning & Beyond

REHASH : Create quickly and cost effectively

REHASH is a simple idea. It involves integration of existing open source Technologies in order to meet or exceed the business requirements. It is meant to reduce the total cost of ownership of Technology and Systems. We have been working a number of not-for-profit and for profit organizations and feel that available open source technologies are good enough to replace commercial off the shelf (COTS) / custom build software in many cases.

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We have extensive experience in working on advanced data science work. We have hands-on experience and have been in the deep several times to know what works and what doesn’t..


We engage in select few areas the core team has significant experience and expertise in. We aim to focus our energy and time on things that we have worked on for many years and thus know very well..


Our products and services are specifically designed keeping in mind what Data Science at work requires. Our programs offer what is not available through a google search – practical solutions to your day to day issues and questions.


We are committed to delivering business benefits  and savings for our customers. We are confident of delivering tangible business benefits in areas of our expertise. We are open to working on flexible engagement models with performance  linked reward system.