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AI Revolution .. arriving soon in India

By July 31, 2017Analytics

There is a silver lining among the spate of seemingly bad news about Indian IT industry. It seems that finally matters have reached inflection point and Indian IT services companies have woken up to the reality of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having had the privilege of working in this field for last several years, it is interesting to reflect on how some of our client conversations around the subject have evolved over last couple of years.

At MathLogic, we started focusing solely on ML/DL/AI and distributed in memory frameworks more than three years ago when it still considered a fad by most industry players. As we developed our capability and started approaching clients it became clear very soon that it industry was not ready for it. At many places, we saw that clients had merely renamed team names/ designations/ titles but continued to work with traditional techniques and technologies. There were conversations with large India banks and IT companies that went nowhere as they simply did not see the demand for machine learning and distributed computing.

We changed our approach and started focusing on re-skilling the large analytical workforce our clients had. Initially, there were isolated requests for training of small batches. Then about 18 months ago, we were asked to develop a program for up-skilling 400+ analytics professional by a large consulting firm. Slowly other Indian BPO and IT companies followed the suit. Now we have seen efforts from Foreign and Indian banks as well to up-skill their work force. In the past couple of years we have trained over a thousand data science professional across Consulting/ IT/ BPO companies as well as our clients in Financial Services, Telecom and Healthcare. The inquiries have accelerated significantly in the last 2 months and it seems the recent news has injected a sense of urgency for Indian companies in up-skilling their work force to keep them market relevant.

I feel finally the AI revolution has arrived in India and we are going to see adoption by a large number of Indian companies in near future.


Anurag Verma

CEO, Mathlogic