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AI Revolution .. arriving soon in India

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There is a silver lining among the spate of seemingly bad news about Indian IT industry. It seems that finally matters have reached inflection point and Indian IT services companies have woken up to the reality of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having had the privilege of working in this field for last several years, it is interesting to reflect on how some of our client conversations around the subject have evolved over last couple of years. Read More

Why Spark is the new R?

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As companies are moving more and more data to Hadoop, the analysts/ data scientists using them are realizing the limitations of tools they have used in past – SAS/ SPSS/ R/ KXEN. While R had promise of being able to connect to Hadoop and other tools are building connectors as well the capability they typically provide is a small fraction of what is possible on original tool. Read More

Behavioral Fraud Mitigation through Trend Offsets

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Fraud is often a dynamic and challenging problem in Credit card lending business. Credit card fraud can be broadly classified into behavioral and application fraud, with behavioral fraud being the more prominent of the two. Supervised Modeling/Segmentation techniques are commonly used in fraud detection to distinguish risky transactions from non-risky transactions. Read More