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Online – Offline Use Case

The client had field force going to rural/ semi urban schools. The client field inspectors would visit these school, observe the proceedings, record their observations on paper. Later they/ someone else would digitize these observations into excel probably sitting in an internet cafe. These individual excel sheets would then get consolidated at head office. Due to errors/ gaps / backlogs the process would take 3 months+ from observation time to being available for consolidated reporting.

Our Approach

We divided the requirements into smaller parts – mobile data entry in offline mode, web based data entry, central consolidation of data, on demand reporting. For mobile based data entry we used Open Data Kit  (ODK)  and companion Enketo system for web based entry of the same data. The advantage was that irrespective of whether mobile phone or web form was used they were always using the same version of form and sending data to the same server. For back end automation a mixture of shell scripts and SQL events were used to ensure ZERO intervention. For reporting Pentaho was bolted on.

Alternate Approach

Replacement for paper forms with support for images, audio clips as well as numerical and textual answers.

Multi – lingual

Supports data collection in multiple languages.

Network Independent

Designed to work out of touch with a cellular network/ Wi-Fi during the data collection effort.


Leads to reduction of errors. Cost effective and Scalable.

Field Agent

To sum it up

It is easy, fast and economical.

Still not convinced

See the short video below.

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