Neural Network is the backbone of Deep Learning and Artificial Network

Machine Learning especially Neural Networks are our most popular training programs. But we must warn you though these courses are very practical there may be difficulties in store forĀ  the math fearing folks. Participant discretion is advised.

Designed With practical problems in mind

Our Machine Learning/ Artificial Neural Network training program has been designed grounds up for practicing data scientists. While we do cover the theory and mathematical construct our focus is on making sure you can build solve practical real life problem using neural network algorithms. We will show you how to run very simple machine learning algorithms in Excel. What’s more this also forms the prerequisite for our Deep Learning training program.

Perfect for all experience levels

Our machine learning program has been designed to be helpful for anyone wanting to learn the algorithms – whether they have few years of experience or two decades of experience. In the course you will get real life industry data sets as well as sample codes which will give you ability to build algorithms right after the course.

All of the contents of this course was carefully crafted with a high attention to detail to ensure understanding. Unlock your full potential as data scientist and start your path towards Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence!