We are excited about e-tailing. It is an evolving area, throwing up new challenges and surprises – some pleasant and some not so. Our team has worked with e-commerce players in the developed markets and we understand the complexity that e-tailers are dealing with; starting with high costs of customer acquisition, managing product portfolio, customer expectations management, designing offers and discounting strategies, challenges with on-time delivery, customer attrition, and so on. We are offering some interesting solutions for our e-tailer clients and are also looking to develop new solutions that will help our clients differentiate better, while squeezing that little more from their marketing budget.
  • Campaign Management
  • Channel Analysis and Management
  • Customer Value Management
  • Attrition Management Strategies
  • Predictive Solution Framework
  • Rules and Models Management
  • Stocking strategy – brands, SKUs
  • Discount Analysis Management
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