Busy Employees

No time for regular
training interventions?


Uninspiring Trainings

Not practical enough?


Its time for

Clash of Geeks

 Learning Platform:

  • First and foremost Clash of Geeks is a learning platform
  • The end objective is for participants to learn new concpets while enjoying
  • It moves focus away from traditional classroom setting
  • Participants choose their own comfort zone and time
  • Option for organization to track participation levels and nudge to align with organization goals

 Gamified Settings

  • The learning environment is gamified
  • Participants choose their handle/ avatar
  • “Geek Points” are awarded for logging into system everyday, completing exercises, making model submissions
  • Calculation of “Geek Points” can be customized as per client requirement
  • Participants are competing for grand prize à la hackathon usnig the concepts being taught

 Q&A Forum:

  • 24 X 7 access for asking questions and seeing other answers/ collaboration
  • Instructor support for answering queries
  • Option to ask question in private mode as well as Option to ask question in anonymous mode
  • Other participants can also answer

 Analytical Playground

  • Above all “Clash of Geeks” provides analytical playground
  • Self paced notebooks with auto evaluation option
  • Sandbox for participants to practice and submit results
  • One UI to support multiple languages/ tools
  • Variable Costing for Analytical Platform