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DECODE  stands for Data Science Competenct Determination. Almost all companies today are looking for Data Scientists but they are proving very hard to find. At MathLogic, we set upon this journey couple of years ago, to find this elusive species of Data Scientists. We made interesting finding along the way and came across many frameworks. However, none of the existing frameworks fitted when applied to real life.
We have condensed all our findings within a set of three online adaptive tests that would take less than an hour to complete. Since we are using adaptive testing, it enables us to reach our desired level of accuracy with minimal questions.
DECODE can be used to speed up the recruitment process as well assess the maturity of talent available in-house. It is based on well known adaptive testing framework and utilizes HOTS ( Higher Order Thinking Skills) to identify the difficulty levels. The questions are desigend to test the practical knowledge Data Scientists need while working on live projects and not just theoretical knowledge.
Some of the key characterstics of DECODE are listed below:


No Interviewer bias


Assess multiple Data Science competencies which is often difficult for single interviewer. Ability to customize


Based on IRT(Item Response Theory) calibration and HOTS(High Order Thinking Skills). The accuracy and test time can be optimised.


The question bank behind decode is constantly being maintained by experienced professionals.New topics and questions are introduced and over exposed questions removed from question bank.


Dip stick version can be completed in less than an hour thanks to adaptive testing methodology.

 Simple to Administer:

User only need a modern browser and internet connectivity.Test is always online.Mobile browsers supported.

Would you like to take a dipstick version of test ? DECODE DEMO