What is REHASH?

  • Involves integration of existing open source Technologies in order to meet or exceed the business requirements.
  • Meant to reduce the total cost of ownership of Technology and Systems.
  • Works for not-for-profit companies, small commercial Enterprises, medium commercial enterprises and even large commercial enterprises – in short anyone looking to save $$$.

 How did the idea originate?

  •  Idea of RE#HASH originated from practical experience while working with clients and finding cases where small enterprises are spending money on technologies but not getting desired results
  • Smaller companies often avoid established costly products and choose to work with small vendors for developing customized solutions wherein they get stuck with the vendor and pay huge price
  • Most clients are unaware of how to take advantage of open source technologies and take full advantage of hardware they are already paying for

 Why REHASH now?

  • Several open source technologies have matured and being widely used
  • Lot of these open source technologies can run on commodity hardware.
  • Companies can run their basic systems on a very low / nil ongoing cost while fully owning the underlying data and systems.

What are some of the use cases for REHASH ?

Successfully applied REHASH to the following areas – Workforce Management (Recruitment, Onboarding, Appraisals, Leaves and Timesheets), Sales cycle management, Customer Relationship management, Sales force management, Field data collections, MIS, Data warehousing as well as Statistical Analysis.

To sum it up

It is easy, fast and economical.

Still not convinced

See the short video below.