Capillus Numera

An AI powered digital assistant for Dermatologists

Capillus Numera is a first-of-its-kind application that provides human hair count range on the scalp. It is a computer vision-based application designed to be an effective tool for dermatologists, trichologists, and reconstructive surgeons for their day-to-day use. Capillus is built using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques of deep learning neural networks, wherein a Deep Learning algorithm was trained on numerous images of human head scalp. The images used are microscopic images of the human scalp taken from different angles using a dermatoscope attached to mobile phone. Powered by these algorithms, Capillus provides a range of hair count, given an input of a scalp image. The application has been actively developed in co-ordination with leading dermatologist (Dr Gulhima Arora).

Capillus can be a powerful, cost-effective alternative to the currently available equipment that are not just expensive but also high maintenance. Capillus, with its easy-to-use features provides fast and accurate results, cutting out the need for additional manpower. In addition, the app is designed to be an all-in-one comprehensive tool, wherein it can also store patient details, previous image history, which makes it extremely useful and handy. In the rapidly evolving field of derma-medicine, Capillus can be an indispensable tool for medical practitioners for measuring hair loss and dispensing appropriate treatments. Download datasheet here.

How to use