Ready to Learn

Our training is the perfect starting point to give a broad overview of tools and techniques that can be applied to deal with different business verticals and assist you with building intuition around different analytics concepts. The training curriculum is specially designed to meet industry-specific requirements. It is designed with the end goal that, it throws light on both conventional methods as well as cutting edge technology with different kinds of data. Trainings are meticulously planned to take into account the prerequisites of various job roles and is divided into sub-modules which are followed with assignments and real-life project work for experiential learning. The trainers and mentors constantly guide students towards the approach they should adopt when faced challenging problems at work. We leverage our years of experience in breaking complex topics into easy and simple to understand concepts. We have worked with several clients and helped them build their data science capabilities from scratch.



  • What is Machine learning?
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Traditional Techniques vs. Machine Learning - Application Area of ML
  • Different learning mechanisms (supervised, unsupervised etc.)
  • Introduction to Decision Tree, RF, GBM. How do they work? Intuitive working of algorithms
  • Discussion on Hyper Parameter Tuning
  • Model Assessment
  • Tools ranging from R, Python and Spark
  • Hands-on exercise