FN Optima

Trade Promotion Optimizaiton as a service

FN Optima, part of AIML, provides a framework for rapid development and deployment of Trade Promotion Optimization as a service. โ€œGurobiโ€/ Other state of the art optimizer can be installed as back end solver. A responsive web user interface tied to Microsoft Authentication for selecting parameters and viewing results. A python only framework allows for rapid scaling, deployment and customization of modules including UI. Key innovations around non linear relationships and use of penalty factor in place of hard constraints to enable 10-20X faster convergence.

Robust BackEnd

FN Optima is backed by robust optimization engine Gurobi and leverages the latest enhancements offered by Gurobi. Support for non linear objective functions โ€“ polynomial or exponential (any functions that can be linearized). Polynomial constraints supported out of the box.

Easy to maintain FrontEnd

FN Optima leveraged multiple open source projects and MathLogicโ€™s proprietary framework to create a user friendly interface that is responsive and easy to maintain. All maintenance/ enhancement can be done using python codes.The look and feel is theme driven and can be quickly changed. The framework allows for easy display of information as well as accepting user changes to values like editing an excel. The final output can be downloaded for further analysis or view online with pivot functionality. The responsive design means the optimizer can be used on tablet or even mobile phone. Filtering and sorting within Browser is supported. Graphs are also supported.