A hackathon is an event where participants from different backgrounds โ€” programmers, designers, project managers, business analysts, etc. brainstorm an idea to creatively explore and develop unique solutions from scratch. Participants learn, network, and explore new opportunities. We at Mathlogic, provide an environment where the end objective of the hackathon is for participants to learn new concepts while enjoying and they can choose their own comfort zone and time.

Why Organisations Should arrange Hackathon?

Hackathon is a great opportunity to learn as it allows the participants to get out of their daily work routine and flex their creative muscles while working with new datasets. Hackathon can challenge the best of the brains and can uncover hidden talent within the organization. Participants will work together with their teammates to judge where to invest time, how long to try, and when to switch to a new solution. Hackathons make participants work under pressure, take lead on new tasks, share knowledge, and deal with different personalities. It can also help the organizations establish a reputation for expertise in your area of speciality.

COVID-19 Situation

Because of the coronavirus pandemic offline hackathon is not possible as the current advice is to avoid the gatherings. Most of the companies are forced to let their employees work from home. During lockdown because of the limited mobility companies can effectively enhance their resources by upskilling their employees through remote/virtual training and keep them energetic as well as updated through online hackathons.


  • More than 20 teams participated with a team strength of 4/5 participants
  • Participants were free to bring their own problem statement, problems they have worked upon are Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Product/ Entity, Prediction on Hurricane's occurrence for US geography based on weather and storm condition, Digital perception measurement using Yelp public data, and the Twitter stream, and Prediction of TV show rating using BARC broadcasting data
  • Participants were expected to work on real-life projects and create an end-to-end solution
  • Evaluation criteria for the hackathon: Innovation of the solution, GCP Skills, Model Accuracy


  • Credentials are created for the participants and shared through an automated mail.
  • Teams of 4-5 participants are created.


24*7 assistance is provided through the piazza, google groups, teams. Self-guided notebooks are additionally provided to the participants so as to help when they get stuck.